- Life's Short Live It -


In memory of a loving and devoted father GHP - 26-02-1934 to 14-02-2012 and my Dogs and Cats
that have given me more happiness than most people could probably dream of, you will all be sorely missed. 


Welcome and hello to you, if you have found this site then you are possibly one of a small minority who has hidden values beyond what you already purvey. I would consider you do the following 3 things.

Firstly turn up the volume on your pc (sorry, sometimes this does not play on various pc's) and take time to listen to the advice from this song, take what you can from it and make it work for you. Secondly, study the picture, see it, absorb it, use it, be in it, be out of it but most of all take what you can from it and make it work for you. It's a song called Sunscreen and when you listen to it a few times I think it will make you a little wiser and hopefully a little more righteous than before. Note, I am neither a religious or racist person and believe in the Karma of Mother Nature to fulfil our destiny's.
Finally, read on if you have time to make a difference

Life's Short Live It
Andrew Preston  


What would you do differently today if tomorrow you wouldn't wake up?

I know this is a depressing statement for most people, but it can cause people to make positive changes in their life.

We would have fewer wars, less crimes and more people wanting to do the right thing.

We use life to learn about the "real world" and ourselves. We come to learn how to use our talents to make a difference and a name for ourselves.

If you haven't started on that journey before you leave this world, then you deserve a refund and i hope you get it.

To understand and accept death, we have to do the same with life. People fear death because they fear life. People say they have so much to do in their lives, but they haven't even started doing them yet.

Time is wasting. We do not live forever on this earth. This is not about death. I am telling you not to be afraid to live.

If today was your last day on earth, would you tell the people you love how much you really care for them?

Would you be nicer and wear a smile everywhere you went? Even if the shopping line at Tesco's was long?

Would you stop and enjoy the enviroment in which you live? The flowers, the air, the animals and the sea are beautiful on this brand new day. The earth is an amazing piece of art.

What would be most important to you on this day? I doubt the test you failed last week would be on the top of your list. School is important, but we should never waste our energy and time on things we can't change now.

Everything in life has beauty. There is joy and there is sorrow.

There is pain and there is laughter. Without these things we would never feel alive. Some people have more joy or pain than others, but that doesn't take away the gifts and rewards life gives us.

Death is an art. Life is the paper we draw on. Our emotions and experiences are the colours we have to work with. What we achieve in this life will last. The world is the paintbrush we use. We will all die; that is a fact.

But it's how we live that people will remember.

Millions of people die in their sleep without a warning of their last hour. Millions of people will die because of shootings and car accidents without being able to tell their loved ones they love them.

You or I may die today. I don't mean to scare you, but it is reality. Why do we have to be reminded of this before we will stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get up, and start living?

We could change ourselves as well as the world around us if we all lived our lives thinking that tomorrow we could be gone.
There would also be more peace between friends and foe.

I challenge you to hug the people you love today, and start living the life only you can live. Life is too short for us not to.
Remember, do one thing everyday that scares you, sense how you feel at that moment and share this to all and beyond.
Finally get yourself a Dog, it will be the best investment in your life and for your life. They will arguably teach you more than most humans do and always be there for you even when you have been unkind to them because you had a bad day !
The more I learn about people, the more I love my Dogs, all 12 of them who often are a " Dirty Dozen ".

Life's Short Live It ! 

Andrew Preston
Congleton, Cheshire


Thank You

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now go on and be on your way

and live life as though it

was the last hour of your life