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TOE Maritime Security Ltd is a leading security organisation that provides specialist security services for the maritime community.

With client satisfaction and a robust approach to standards at its core, TMSL has a global infrastructure with contacts all around the world.

With proven and previous Military experience our understanding of logistical and tactical applications is paramount.

TMSL specialises in providing innovative solutions to a wide range of security problems and offers a range of services including armed protection teams for commercial ships and contingency response, hijack negotiation, maritime safety and security training and crisis management.

TMSL is committed to the regulation of the security industry and has been at the forefront of working with governments and industry bodies to achieve this.

TMSL’s business culture and cautious yet thorough approach to the provision of security leads to a clear ethos of;

Professionalism, Integrity and Respect . . . . . . When it Pours We Reign !