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Iron Fist Dog Training

is spearheaded by

Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

Andrew Preston


When it comes to training dogs Andrew leads with an Iron Fist

A Mammoth Man himself over 6 foot tall and 20 stone he takes no prisoners.

He believes in zero tolerance from negative behaviours and gets the job done asap.

His firm but fair approach has neutralised many unwanted behaviours over the years.

When asked tentatively about his methods he has been quoted as saying;

" Ultimately it's all about Leadership, i have not got the time or inclanation to namby pamby unruly dogs who make
their owners lives difficult. I will be the first to say that i may appear frightening to the untrained eye when i use my
bad cop/good cop techniques but i always befriend the dog and achieve the respect by the end of the session. The hardest
element of the training is the Owner who has allowed the dog to upscale its position in the pack/family, this comes with consequences"