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Pricing ( with ** Free 48 hr Tracked Delivery ) starts at

£ 12 for a small 2kg bag

(minimum order of 4 bags of the same flavour for free delivery)

(will typically last a 3 month old puppy 1 to 2 weeks depending on breed)


 ** Free 48 hr Tracked Delivery

£ 45 for a large 12 kg bag

(will typically last a 3 month + old puppy 6 to 8 weeks depending on breed)


 ** Free 48 hr Tracked Delivery

£ 55 for an extra large 15kg bag 

 (will typically last a 3 month + old puppy 10 to 12 weeks depending on breed)


From our findings we are able to offer our Grain Free Meat Rich product

* A A C H U A *

that is available now and can be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK and Europe for our international customers ! For our product lines and/or pricelist click the relevant tabs above.


Thank You, Dog Bless and Steady Paws the AACHUA Team.    


** Delivery is Free on products of 8kg or above on a tracked 2 working day service **

10% of our Net Profits are donated to Autism linked Charities within the United Kingdom


Autism Dogs, Aspergers Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Service Dogs for the UK
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