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About Us

10% of our Net Profits are donated to Autism linked Charities within the United Kingdom


As avid and unconditional Animal Lovers we specialise in the Dogs of this world through our business

" www.SteadyPaws.co.uk " 

It is spearheaded by Andrew Preston, a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, Trainer, Behaviourist, Micro-Chipper, Fosterer and Re-Homer whose Dogs do not want for anything, in short he puts them 1st before himself unconditionally ! Sometimes when his Wife Caroline says "Your Dinner is in the Dog" it often is, but he does not mind and of course often prefers

* AACHUA * dog food than his wife's cooking !


Having lived with a variety of Dogs for nearly 50 years our own pack of 12 dogs includes 11 Working Line Gundogs and an Alaskan Malamute, they have taught us more than we could ever learn from other mediums. Each and every day is a new learning curve that often increases our knowledge base through behavioural traits and tendancies of our canine family, it really is quite fascinating to watch and through human intervention, moulding and training we have created some wonderful characters, if ever you are close to Millpool Farm, CW12 3LN, Congleton, then please come in and say hi.


As part of our Husbandry skills it is imperative that we feed our Dogs a complete and balanced diet. After many years of experimentation with foods and having the wool pulled over our eyes by Premium Brands offering our Dogs some very low grade foods we decided to commit to some real interrogation of the dog food industry . . . . . . . and what we found out was at best SHOCKING ! 


However, a couple of principles which we strive to succeed in are

" Focus on the Solution and not the Problem "


" Always try and turn a Negative into a Positive "


So, that is what we did, we stripped everything back, got stuck in to the nutritional understanding of food, infiltrated some Pet Food manufacturers who make for most of the key brands we see on our shelves today and set off in a quest to find what is arguably the best solution for our dogs well being.

 We will only summarise it here as it is extremely complex, not easy to digest in totality (like many poor quality dog foods) and needs an open mind to fit all the pieces of the Jigsaw together. We believe we are 99% right within our findings and are just currently finalising a paper which will be available shortly for all and sundry to see, if you send us your email address or contact details to TheFactsAboutDogFood@AACHUA.com we will keep you posted asap.

We also have the benefit of having access to industry professionals who we liase with every other week and have a Daughter who is a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Veterinary with a 1st Class Honours Degree who has access to all sorts of information, it comes in handy !!


From these findings we are able to offer our Grain Free Meat Rich product * AACHUA * that is available now and can be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK and Europe for our international customers ! For our product lines and/or pricelist click the relevant tabs above.

Thank You, Dog Bless and Steady Paws from the AACHUA Team.    




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