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I want to thank you Andrew for working with me and Blossom. You were right, I believe that her "issues" were the result of fear and with a lot of work and boundary setting she finally figured out that I am the leader and that i will make her life safe. She is now a different dog. She is now starting to act like a puppy. She has now stopped attacking my little Iggy. "Thank you so much for helping me to help her be a happy dog

Blossom, Iggy and Karla – Congleton, Cheshire.

I contacted Andrew regarding Lofty's aggression as I heard lots of good things about his previous successes. Andrew came to my home and spent one and a half hours with myself, my boyfriend John and Lofty. We learned a lot!! In fact, I learned that everything I was doing was ineffective. Andrew taught me a more effective way of training which Lofty responds to. I felt in the beginning, I really needed Andrew to be with me. I am telling you, Andrew was awesome in his interaction with Lofty. John and I were really impressed!! I arranged for a friend of mine Wayne to stop by while Andrew was here. I don't think Lofty even knew Wayne entered the room. NO AGGRESSION!! Andrew is unbelievable!!

Linda Davis and Lofty – Congleton, Cheshire.

Our 12 month old Husky Jayda was so out of control that we felt it almost impossible to live with her. Yes, we had taken her through puppy classes at the local village hall, it did not help us when we got her home. She would not listen to us, she was constantly in "time out" we were all miserable. We contacted Andrew. He spent a lot of time with us, worked with us immediately to understand her behaviour and tools we could use immediately. We were stunned at how quickly she responded. We no longer have to yell at her, her responses to us are consistent. We use only positive reinforcement. Andrew is just fantastic, We love Jayda, our life is so much better since Andrew helped us with her training. Andrew  loves what he does, he is just great at it. Use his services you will not be disappointed.

John, Justin, Margie and Jayda. Sandbach, Cheshire.  

My 10 year old son, Jonathan and I were not sure what to do to get our 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy to listen to us. She is a smart girl but we thought she was probably too smart for us, and thought she was stubborn, bad and just out of control. My vet referred me to Andrew Preston.  Andrew met with us and immediately showed us his positive reinforcement techniques. Ginger was immediately engaged in Andrew and listened straight away. My son and I are so happy at the skills we have now to work with her. She comes when called, she walks great on the leash and we no longer feel anxious trying to get her to respond to our instructions. Andrew was so helpful, we owe it all to him. We plan on adding some more training to gain more advanced skills with her. Thanks Andrew. You were so helpful.

Janine Barrett. Biddulph, Staffordshire.

After I adopted Charlie, my Border Collie, he developed a very shy and less than confident personality. He would bark and lunge at people and other dogs. I was referred to Andrew Preston by a friend who used his services 2 years ago, he offers in home positive reinforcement dog training. Andrew  came to my home and worked with me on a weekly basis. Charlie began to respond very well I was so impressed. Actually I was amazed! Andrew worked with me to introduce Charlie to another dog, after 15 minutes Charlie stopped lunging, after 45 minutes we had both dogs off leash and enjoyed watching them play bowing and chasing each other. I could not have done it without Andrew. I will refer him to all my friends.

Linda Turner and Ginger, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

" Putting our 4 Legged Friends First "