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What is a MicroChip
A type of MicroChip can also be known as a Transponder

A transponder is an electronic device used to wirelessly receive and transmit electrical signals. Fittingly, its name is equally derived from the words "transmitter" and "responder".

Transponders were originally developed to be attached to objects which needed to be located, and are still used in this manner today. A transponder functions by receiving a signal, called an "interrogator" because it is effectively "asking" for information, then automatically conveying a radio wave at a predetermined frequency.

In order to broadcast a signal on a different frequency than the one received, a frequency converter is built in. By receiving and transmitting on different frequencies, the interrogator and transponder signals can be detected simultaneously, thus providing a unique code.

In short, a pet MicroChip is installed at a point between the shoulder blades or scapula and provides a unique code which is recorded with the information being stored in a national database which is run by pet-detect, a subsidiary of the Kennel Club.

If your pet is lost or stolen it has a far greater chance of being found if you have a MicroChip installed in your pet.