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Thin, Fit or Fat?

The temperature is dropping and persistent raindrops are just around the corner.
For many of us that means staying in by the fire or hanging out in the kitchen while we're making a great dinner (for us and our pets hopefully).

Let's not forget that our dogs have been hanging out in the house all day, so raindrops or wind they still need more exercise and stimulation than a five minute potty break in the back yard provides.
Aim for 30-45 minutes a day walking around the neighborhood or spending some time in a local park.

It's good for the mental health, waistline and relationship of both of you.

I know there will be a few days or strings of days where the darkness and the rain challenge you to get out.
It happens in my house too. Now's a good time to check your pet's shape and determine whether any adjustments need to be made in the portion sizing.

During the winter months I reduce our dogs' food by 5-10% to prevent excess calories and reduced exercise from expanding their waistlines.
It's not much of a reduction, but over the course of these cold months it makes a difference.
(Dogs who live outside actually need more calories in the winter because their metabolism is working harder to keep them warm.)

The below chart is an excerpt from Feed Your Best Friend Better that illustrates how a dog's proportions should look.

Ideally you're looking for a slight hourglass figure just behind the ribs and a nice abdominal tuck.

Different breeds have slightly different body shapes so if you have concerns, contact your veterinarian.
Your vet can also tell your pet's ideal target weight and they have that handy scale right inside the entrance so it's worth a trip.


Benefits - it’s true pets are good 4U!

If you are good to your pet, they’ll make a great friend.

Ok so the conversation is a bit one sided, but they’re good companions and you get to meet other pet owners you might not have done before.

As well as being fun, having a pet can be seriously good for your health because:

· They can stop you getting stressed (unless you lose them – then that is a big stress!)
They can stop you from becoming ill
They help you take more exercise

They can even help with your allergies by helping you build up your immune system! (that’s the part of you that fights illnesses)

5 Household Hazardous Areas
It's only natural for dogs to be curious. However, their curiosity can get them into trouble when they get into areas where you store household items, such as medicine and detergents. Many common household items that you use everyday can be harmful, and sometimes even lethal, to your dog.

Download a printable list of dangerous products here ►
Download a printable list of poisonous plants here ►
Kitchen toxins
ChocolateCoffee grounds
Yeast doughCooked bones
Bathroom / Sink
DeodorizersHair coloring
Drain cleanersDiet pills
Rubbing alcoholCleaning products
Bathroom toxins
Garage toxins
GasolineFurniture polish
FertilizerWeed killer
Inside Your Purse / Bag
Sugar-free gumNail polish
Sugar-free candyDisinfectant
Toxins in your bag
Plant toxins
SpinachWild cherry
AzaleaSago palms