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Androlitate Springers

Our Kennel Club Affix Name is Androlitate and as a family we are extremely avid pet owners.
The Androlitate name was born quite simply from elements of our family christian names

And rew, Ca roli ne and Tate

4 Cats, 8 Dogs and Humans mix sublimely in our household and we are the proud owners and breeders of the English Springer Spaniel working line.

We have bred many litters over the last TEN years with great success and our 3rd oldest Bitch Fizz
gave birth to 8 healthy little soldiers on the 19th Jan 2012, i was hoping for the litter to come on the 20th so astrologically they would be become Aquarians like me but they just sneaked in to become Capricorns by a few hours.


Kennel Club Accredited Breeders will supply you with a fantastic puppy.

We believe in a no expense spared policy on rearing our litters and looking after our dogs in totality.

From DNA testing to Eye Testing, from feeding, mental awareness & generous whelping practices, we do it all.