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Androlitate Pedigree Dogs
Puppy Application Details
English Springer Spaniels & Hungarian Vizsla’s
Working Lines & Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR)” as well as being a Great Family Companion

I am very fortunate that our Puppies are always sought after; they are healthy and strong through quality breeding practices, TLC and prior bloodline research.
Dare I say they are also very attractive Dogs as well which is always a nice asset!

My number one priority is to produce healthy puppies and find committed solid homes for all our Pups but i do sometimes find unsuitable potential enquirers and timewasters for various reasons; flat owners in sky rises, no garden abodes, all day out workers, in the house smokers, puppy farmers etc.etc.  In an effort to separate the “wheat from the chaff” i have decided to stipulate a non refundable deposit of £150.  This will secure your position on our waiting list for your new puppy and give us the confidence of your commitment and responsibilities in being a credible owner. You can at any time see your position on the waiting list by contacting me at your leisure. If, for any reason I cannot supply you with a puppy of your requirements (sex/colour) then your deposit will be duly refunded. Remember i also have a complete Back 2 Base (B2B) policy which allows the Dog to be returned to me at any stage of their lives, please see the website at www.Dogmaster.co.uk . 

I generally work on a 1st come, 1st served basis to start my waiting list with my “Lucky 7 elements” as below. I do however like to keep in touch with all our Dogs and Owners, so if the person is either;

1) Living in a suitable abode. 2) Known to me personally. 3) Referred by a present Androlitate Puppy Owner. 4) Local to the Area. 5) Competes in Field Trials. 6) are Assured Kennel Club Breeder’s looking for quality bloodlines or 7) already have a dog or are prepared to have 2 dogs together then those criteria’s will take priority.

It goes without saying that I not only assume but demand that all new owners engage in the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs Act 2006 (details summarized later in this document). Please do not buy your dog from a Puppy Farm (otherwise known as a Battery Farm) as the Dogs are brought up in pens that are dark, dirty and dingey.

The Dogs Trust quote “that there is 1 farm with as many as 1000 breeding bitches on it, the mind boggles”. The RSPCA says “that as many as 40% of the puppies that we buy could come from puppy farms and that they are often too damaged to cope with life in a normal home”. Most of these types of dogs have behaviour disorders, they have not been socialised properly, they have been bred in isolation of people and isolation of other dogs in a domestic environment and when put into a normal house they just don’t cope.

Do be wary of the big Pet Superstores that also sell puppies as a lot of these are routed through the Puppy Farms.
 What is important to remember is these breeds are robust and affectionate Working Line/HPR dogs and are at their best when allowed to be instinctive. I cannot stress enough the importance of you allowing these dogs to participate in some working activity in their lives, you may as a person enjoy it as well as it can bring great rewards and satisfaction in today’s stressful world. These 2 breeds are not a natural couch potato or lap dog so turn back now and consider a different breed if you are not prepared to “go outdoors” at some stage!

By taking on an Androlitate puppy you are investing in both a moral and legal obligation to provide the utmost care. Treat your Dog like you should treat your children or family, with respect, understanding and an unconditional love. You need to take a firm and fair approach and if in doubt you can call me anytime for advice, some people use the term 24/7, in my life and when it comes to my dogs I will give 25/8 so do not be afraid to call me for any reason. Point to note, never, never hit your dog, it is cruel and will only create more issues in the long run, there is always a reason for a Dog’s behaviour and I know most of them so be patient, persevere and seek advice at the earliest opportunity.

Now to the mundane elements, below is a an application chart which will give me a guide on what type, sex and colour Puppy that you are looking to purchase. Please fill this in and return to me at the earliest opportunity
 Name >  Address >  Email > Tel > 
Date > BreedColourPreferenceColourPreferenceColourPreferenceSexDocked& DewclawedInjection* Option *
 EnglishSpringerSpaniel Black/White Liver/White Tri-Colour Male Female Yes NoInjections to be applied by your own Vet - Subtract £25
Price £ 600Price £ 600Price £ 750 Own Vet
Date > BreedBreedColourN/AN/ASexDocked& DewclawedInjection* Option *
 HungarianVizsla Golden Russett N/A N/A Male Female Yes NoInjections to be applied by your own Vet - Subtract £25
Price £ 850 Own Vet

* Please note, if you want to inject your new Puppy at your own Vets then a £25 discount will be applied to the above prices * 

As a matter of course we Dock & Dewclaw all our Springer puppies as most of them will be going to Working Homes. If you have no intention of allowing your new dog to be involved in any type of working activity at some stage in the future then please let me know as after 5 days (personally 3 days) a Docking procedure is more complex and costly and I would not recommend it.

We will not dock any of the Vizsla’s unless requested and remember if you were thinking of docking then you cannot use either breed in the show ring as it is against regulations with a docked tail, they are of course ok for working trials.

Details of the law is summarised below and is available on the DEFRA website.   

This information applies to England only. 

The docking of dogs’ tails has been banned in England since 6 April 2007. 

There are exemptions from the ban for certain types of working dog, or where docking is performed for medical treatment. There is also a ban on the showing of dogs docked after this date at events where members of the public have paid an entrance fee. This ban does not apply where a dog is shown only for the purpose of demonstrating its working ability. The exemption allows certain types of working dog to have their tails docked by a veterinary surgeon. The dog has to be no more than 5 days old and the veterinary surgeon must certify that he or she has seen evidence that the dog is likely to work in one of the specified areas. Owners and keepers wishing to have a working dog’s tail docked must ensure that this is undertaken in accordance with the law. 

Checklist for your new Puppy. 

Not only are you now undertaking a moral responsibility but a legal responsibility for your Dog, as owners we all have a duty of care in law, the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. It is a legal requirement that you meet the 5 welfare needs of the dog.

The dog must be;

  Living in its correct environment
It must be fed a suitable healthy diet 
It must be able to express its normal natural behaviour
It must have appropriate and suitable company
We must protect it against disease and illness and any form of suffering
 Remember we do not have a right to own a Dog, it is a privilege and one that should be taken very seriously! 

The Make Sure Rules and my 10 Doggy Commandments

  1. Make Sure the breeder is registered with the Kennel Club.
  2. Make Sure you can see both of the parents of the puppy litter.
  3. Make Sure you can see the conditions that the Dogs are brought up in.
  4. Make Sure you see all the Health Test results from both parents (also recorded on the KC website).
  5. Make Sure the Bitch has not given birth within the last 8 months and has had no more than 4 litters.
  6. Make Sure you can afford to look after the Dog for all of its life which is up to 15 years.
  7. Make Sure your new puppy has/is Microchipped by the Breeder or Vet when you pick it up.
  8. Make Sure you find a Breeder that loves Dogs, you will know when you meet them.
  9. Make Sure you are getting the right type of Dog to suit your family’s lifestyle.
  10. Make Sure you leave with all the necessary documentation specifically ownership and a receipt.
 Evidence for Docking I, Andrew Preston testify that my Working Line Dog Breeds of English Springer Spaniels and Hungarian Vizsla’s are bred for health, temperament and a quality Working bloodline.  I always suggest that any future owners of our stock use them in the Working Line format as I do and endeavour to find working homes in the 1st instance. It goes without saying that I always recommend a Docking and Dewclaw procedure that is conducive to these Working Line Breeds.  

I am recognised by the Kennel Club of Great Britain by having my own KC Kennel Name of Androlitate and have also achieved a Kennel Club Assured Breeder status.  I am a Member of the English Springer Rescue Organisation, The English Springer Spaniel Club of Great Britain, The Three Shires Spaniel Meet and the Hungarian Vizsla Society of Great Britain.  I am also a qualified Microchip Technician through Pet-Detect, a Canine Behaviourist and Dog Trainer and have my own Dog Business the K9 Mobile Dog Unit . com 

Most importantly I am an avid pet owner and always put the Welfare of my Animals first as both my bank balance and my Vet’s children’s inheritance would clearly show. I donate to numerous Animal Charities including the RSPCA, WSPA, The Dog’s Trust and the North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue. 

For any other information please contact me on my Mobile on
07796 – 444 321, Steady Paws, Andrew
Kennel Club Assured Breeder